My Autumn Bucket List

My Autumn Bucket List

There are still some days of Summer, left but September 1st always feels like the beginning of Autumn to me and, seeing what people are sharing on the internet, I guess I’m not alone.

I never do Summer bucket lists because it’s usually the most boring season of the year for me. The weather is so hot that I can barely function, it’s impossible to stay outside, visiting new places or just walking around. Also, I’m usually stuck at my desk studying for exams or, in this case, writing my thesis with a very loud and old air conditioner running all day. It isn’t surprising then if Autumn is like a rebirth to me!

Today I’m sharing my own bucket list for Autumn 2018. I decided to pick easy and actionable activities, otherwise I would get discouraged for not completing them…but also because I love to check things off! I’d usually jot my list down on a piece of paper and hang it to the wall, but this time I decided to make things funnier and write it inside my blog notebook (it was also a good excuse to use some nice stickers because, you know,  #stationery!).

Autumn bucket list

Reread Harry Potter. I’m not planning to reread the entire series in 3 months, but I’d like to pick a book or two since it’s my favourite saga and I think Autumn is the perfect time of the year for that.

Get a seasonal candle. I have tons of Christmassy scented candles, but I lack Autumn/Halloween inspired ones, so I’d like to get at least one this year.

Watch Hocus Pocus. Because OF COURSE. I’m actually planning to start hunting for great Halloween movies on Netflix and make a list of the ones I’d like to watch. I’m not a fan of horror movies, but cosy ones like Casper, Ghost Busters, and similar are always nice!

Bake a cake. This might look like a silly thing to put on a bucket list, but you have to know that I’m a horrible baker/cook mostly because I don’t actually enjoy staying in the kitchen, to be honest. We don’t have Starbucks in Italy, so I still don’t know how a pumpkin spice latte tastes, but I LOVE pumpkins so I’m hoping to bake something yummy with it.

Decorate my bedroom. I have a couple of Halloween themed candle holders that I display every year and other decors, but I’d like to do some easy DIY too this year. Just to add a little bit of atmosphere.

Wear seasonal accessories. I’m planning to write a blog post about it, so stay tuned!

Create a themed playlist on Spotify. This is totally new to me since I don’t actually listen to music that much (am I probably the only person in the world?), but I’d like to have a nice playlist to listen while driving my car. Do you have any song recommendation?

Take photos of autumn leaves. I love nature and fallen leaves are always so beautiful! I’ll share my favourite photos on Instagram.

That’s it! I hope to be able to cross things off during this upcoming months. Do you have an Autumn bucket list?

Also, be sure to check out my dedicated Pinterest board!


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