Welcome to October Sisterhood

Welcome to October Sisterhood

October Sisterhood was born during an insanely boiling afternoon of this past heat wave. With more than a decade of blogging under my belt, I’ve come to the conclusion that the time to solely write about personal stuff had come to an end. I had almost stopped reading blogs (since many of my favourite bloggers left during the last few years or just switched to micro-blogging on Instagram) and I was browsing Pinterest looking for some nice photos of my favourite season (while hoping for Summer ending soon), when I’ve suddenly realised that blogging about Autumn, sharing round-ups of my favourite DIYs, chatting about magical movies and books could actually be an option, a nice way to get back into blogging for my own pleasure rather than numbers and fame.

I’ve always been an Autumn lover since I have memory, probably because I was born at the end of October when crispy leaves and gloomy mornings were in full swing (unfortunately, they are less frequent now, due to climate change). But the passion for all things witchy, spooky and Halloween, in general, started during elementary school when our English teacher taught us the story behind this tradition and made us celebrating it in class crafting masks and singing cute scary songs (while learning English, of course). Halloween isn’t a traditional holiday here in Italy, we just celebrate November 1st, All Saints’ Day, which is a Christian festival and doesn’t have anything to do with Trick or Treating around wearing nice costumes. Since then, my friends and I started a little tradition of ours going door by door in our little village asking for cadies to unaware people who gifted us the most disappointing treats (from a child’s point of view), like oranges, bubble gum, walnuts and even fruit juice.

Since then, things have changed a lot in our globalised world. You can now see stores and houses decorated with pumpkins and ghosts even here and I always make sure to have tasty treats to give to the children who will knock at my door. I even started a little tradition of mine to celebrate my birthday the same night of Halloween along with my friends, when possible, since it’s the only kind of party I’d love to attend/host.

I’m not into horror movies, gore and super scary stuff, but I hope you’ll still enjoy my attempt to celebrate the cosy side of Halloween. My goal for this blog is to bring back some of that nostalgia from my childhood, sharing things I love about my favourite season and my favourite holiday (right after Christmas, I have to admit) and meet like-minded people along the way.

Hopefully, there is going to be a new blog post every Friday.

xo Alice


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